Marathon Language Learning Consultancy

Marathon offers self-directed study guides, private instruction, and other language services. We are technicians and academics, teaching massive vocabulary acquisition and nonstop language learning.

We show Executive Assistants, A-Type MBAs, secretaries, diplomats, ITAs and gifted teens how to learn languages one verb at a time via foreign language and ESL self-instruction techniques. All of them.

Complete Coverage of All Language Skills

The courses and texts cover all four skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. We feature only coursework, mostly black print, no white spaces, no stick-figure drawings, and no gimmicks.

This Hooked-on-Languages approach is also called Accelerated Language Learning, Self-Directed Study, Self-Instruction, Independent Learning, and Teach-Yourself-a-Language.

Our approach is not necessarily fun, quick, or easy. We're not offering 12 cassettes for $275; our contribution is a pair of study manuals for $4.00 each.

It's 10 pm - Do You Know Where Your French Dictionary Is?

Consulting for any Situation

What are your circumstances?

Whatever your situation, we have a program that meets your language-learning needs, whether help with self-directed study, or private instruction in person or by email.

Contact us with your foreign language questions or learning requirements.

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